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报告题目:  Linear Algebra Based Trajectory Control

报告人姓名(Speaker):  Pedro Albertos

时间(Date&Time):  20201217日下午19:00-19:45

采用线上报告的形式,利用软件腾讯会议,进入以下链接https://meeting.tencent.com/s/hHJ6roHrOO1O,会议ID: 585 947 561。


Pedro Albertos, past president of IFAC (the International Federation of Automatic Control) in 1999-2002, IFAC Fellow and Advisor, and Senior Member of IEEE, is a world recognized expert in real-time control, leading several projects in the field. Full Professor since 1975, he is currently Emeritus Professor at Systems Engineering and Control Dept. UPV, Spain. He is Doctor Honoris-Causa from Oulu University (Finland) and Bucharest Polytechnic (Rumania) and Honorary Professor from the Northeastern University, Shenyang, RPC. Invited Professor in more than 25 Universities, he delivered seminars in more than 30 universities and research centers. Authored over 300 papers, book chapters and congress communications, co-editor of 7 books and co-author of Multivariable Control Systems (Springer 2004) and Feedback and Control for Everyone (Springer 2010), he is also associated editor of Control Engineering Practice and Editor in Chief of the Spanish journal RIAI. His research interest includes multivariable control and non-conventional sampling control systems, with focus on time delays and multirate sampling patterns.






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